Indemonai Games, a QUIETWORLD Lda department, is a one-man Indie Game Developer based in Portugal / Japan. Founded by Fábio Guedes in 2013 under the name Negative² Games (Negative Squared) and later renamed to Indemonai Games, for the release of Segatakai, a Horror Adventure game developed in partnership with Daniel Francisco (Lost Bullet).

Segatakai was released for free on IndieDB and proved to be a success, with videos of the game popping up before the release day was over. Come 2014, Fábio moves to Japan to try and pursue his dream of Game Development. After working in the Japanese industry for 3 years with some of his idols and heroes, it was time to step up the dream.

And so, the company QUIETWORLD Lda. was created, with Indemonai Games as the Game Development department. Our current project is a First-Person Survival Horror game with old-school survival horror influences for VR and Non-VR and a new Framework for the Unity Engine called WyreFramework. More news later this year!

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