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Release Date: June 10th, 2013

Platforms: PC
Genre: First-Person Horror Adventure
Team: Fábio Guedes & Daniel Francisco (Lost Bullet)
Soundtrack: Fábio Guedes · download here


Enter house number 03. "Segatakai", a game by Fábio Guedes and Daniel Francisco is a new take on "Slender". You take control of a nameless character and your only objective is to find the 8 pages scattered around house 03 and escape. To make your way through the environments you will also need to search for keys to open locked doors blocking your way. Realistic shadows, creepy atmosphere, big map to explore with indoor and outdoor environments, original game soundtrack, a story, and two different endings are some of the features available in the game.​

"Segatakai" (from the Japanese 「背が高い」 meaning "Tall") is a First-Person Horror Adventure game for the PC that uses the Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3). It is based on the Slender Man mythos (created by Victor Surge) and is essentially a re-imagination of Parsec Productions' free short game "Slender" with a stronger focus on atmosphere, immersion, and psychological horror. Parsec Productions' game took the internet by storm, and soon thousands of videos had been made where people filmed themselves playing and reacting to it - and the viewers loved it! Soon after, many independent short games inspired by the concept were being released online, but very few seemed to try and bring something new to the table. This is where "Segatakai" comes into play.





Release Trailer (2013)


"Segatakai" was actually born from a set of completely unrelated tests and prototypes that I was making at the time while learning how to develop a game. I had no concept and no intention of starting a game so early into learning the UDK Engine, but after witnessing the success that "Slender" was doing, me and my friend and colleague Daniel Francisco started talking and the ideas for the game just started popping out.


We were frustrated with what every independent horror game was becoming: mostly jump scares. So we decided to create our own re-imagining of the game but focusing on the atmosphere and immersion to scare the player instead of jump scares.


This game was both a first project and a way to learn game development - I was learning the engine while making it and it took almost a year from the start of the unrelated prototypes to the final release.


Right now, the game has been played by thousands of people (nearing 10,000 downloads on IndieDB) and has hundreds of gameplay videos on YouTube, with new ones still being uploaded to this day. Currently, the game stands at a rating of 83 out of 100 on the website.

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